A Life of Storytelling

Meet Kyle. An adventurous, driven, and creative story teller. After 10 years in the film industry Kyle started Light Videos to tell stories that matter. With an emphasis on quality, Light Videos consistently delivers video products that inform, motivate, and educate.

Early on

For as long as Kyle can remember, he has had an interest in story telling. As the youngest of four, Kyle was always thinking up stories to outshine his older siblings at the dinner table. While they may have had stories of their real friends from school, Kyle’s adventures with his imaginary friend were never topped! As he grew into a young adult, Kyle took to the idea of making a career out of his passion. He then got hired onto a production company where he climbed the ranks and learned the craft over a 10 year period. After creating hundreds of videos over the years, Kyle wanted to continue his progression as a filmmaker and started Light Videos!


Sometimes good things come from painful times in our lives. Light Videos was established in 2020 from the turbulent COVID times. With a goal of bringing quality filmmaking to the Colorado Springs and surrounding area, Light Videos is here to help businesses identify their story and then to turn that concept into a reality. No matter what your goal is with video, whether it be to promote, teach, or inspire Light Videos is your resource.